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With the slogan "you press the button, do the rest," George Eastman put the first simple camera into the hands of consumers in the world in 1888. So he made a cumbersome and complicated process easy to use and accessible to almost everyone. Since then, the company Eastman Kodak.com has a leading role in a lot of new products and processes, in order to photography simpler, more useful and more enjoyable. In fact, Kodak.com is now known not only for the photographic images used in a variety of leisure, medicine, business, entertainment and science. It is used to achieve more and more technology to combine images and information – creating the potential to profoundly change the way people and businesses communicate. Just as Eastman was a goal to make photography "as convenient as the pencil," Kodak.com continues to expand how images affect people’s everyday lives. The company ranks as the top-level multi-national company, which is known in almost every country around the world.